>After a Premiere Weekend

Premieres can take a lot out of you, especially if you find yourself emotionally invested in the success of the performance. I say “if”, because not everyone is, and that is not necessarily a terrible thing. I have sung for years in opera choruses, and my experience there is that, with so many premieres during the season, chorus members are not affected by nerves in the same way. One has that protective shield of singing in the group, of anonymity. If you’re sharing the spotlight witha large group, the pressure is off. And without jittery nerves, there are less surprises during the performance.
So last Friday I sang a premiere in which I was one of four singers onstage. It was a nice-sized role, and my character sings a substantial bit of music (including a 14-minute-long, rather dramatic “Ballade”, and a Mad Scene/duet in which I OD on pills and kill myself.) The entire performance went well, in that all went according to plan. Reviews were mixed but all were positive for the singers — either lauding us for a great evening, or pitying us for the staging, an argument I won’t go into here.
Now, one of the things about mid-sized European opera houses is that the singers are pretty busy. We are involved in a lot of shows at the same time, as works are performed in repertory. Ergo, after this premiere I sang in three more performances in the following three days (a repeat of the new production, a rock musical, and a traditional opera.) This morning was my first free day, and I was looking forward to sleeping late and winding down from the weekend, finally.
Heh. At 9am sharp, what dulcet tones waft through my open window to wake me?

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7 Responses to >After a Premiere Weekend

  1. NYMary says:

    >a Mad Scene/duet in which I OD on pills and kill myself.Happens to the best of us.Nice blog!

  2. Diane says:

    >Nicely done, Marcellina.Stop being so shy about the blogwhores. Your posts are well written.

  3. Carlisle says:

    >Congrats on the good reviews – that’s got to be gratifying! You do have a beautiful blog by the way…

  4. Gromit says:

    >Let me be sure I understand this.You dedicate your life to music (endless school, lessons, rehearsals, poverty) and toil away in the chorus, waiting for your big break. Then, your talent is finally recognized for what it is, you get a starring solo role in a production, make that big step towards realizing your dreams of operatic fame and fortune (or at least lack of poverty). and then the first night on stage, they have you DIE?Harsh. Very harsh.(Lovely blog, Marcellina.)

  5. Gromit says:

    >Oh, and when you go wherever you go after you die, you wake up to an oompah band?

  6. Marcellina says:

    >gromit, thats pretty close. In fact I have to die 6 times in all just for this production. It seems to be an integral part of the opera life!Next 2 pieces, I don’t die. I’m pretty sure.

  7. doncjesuis says:

    >Oh, and when you go wherever you go after you die, you wake up to an oompah band?Only if you’ve been good. If you’ve been bad, you wake up to an eternity of Britney Spears songs.

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